Jury Selection: Edmonson v. Leesville Concrete Company

Resource ID#: 123385 Type: Tutorial

General Information

Subject(s): Social Studies
Grade Level(s): 7
Intended Audience: Students
Suggested Technology: Computers for Students, Internet Connection, Speakers/Headphones
Instructional Time: 23 Minute(s)
Keywords: tutorial, Supreme Court, peremptory challenges, juror, 6th Amendment, 14th Amendment, 7th Amendment, civil cases, legislative, executive, judicial, equal protection, venire, jury, voir dire, Edmonson v. Leesville Concrete Co, Civics, U.S. Constitution, trial by jury, jury duty, Constitution
Instructional Component Type(s): Tutorial Video/Audio/Animation
Resource Collection: Social Studies - Civics - Grades 6-8 Existing Student Tutorials

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