Standard 3: Chronological Thinking

General Information
Number: SS.1.A.3
Title: Chronological Thinking
Type: Standard
Subject: Social Studies
Grade: 1
Strand: American History

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Identify concepts of time, including yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Sequence three events in a student’s life using photographs or pictures on a timeline.


Recognize concepts of time, including morning and afternoon, related to school activities.
Sequence two events in a student’s life using photographs or pictures.


Associate morning with a common school activity, such as circle time.
Recognize one activity that comes next on a classroom daily schedule.

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Lesson Plans

Tree Cookies:

One way to learn about tree growth is to look at annual rings. Tree rings show patterns of change in the tree's life as well as changes in the area where it grows. In this activity, students will trace environmental and historical changes using a cross section of a tree, or "tree cookie."

Type: Lesson Plan

Looking for Lincoln Throughout His Life:

In this interdisciplinary lesson by PBS Learning Media, students will participate in a variety of hands-on activities to gather facts about Abraham Lincoln. Students will match vocabulary words with pictures to piece together a timeline of Lincoln's life, gather various facts about his work as a lawyer on the prairie, and also gain insight into Lincoln through objects and artifacts of his life. Students will then select classroom objects that best tell a story about them and/or their class, later reflecting upon the timeline of Lincoln's life while creating their own personal timelines.

Type: Lesson Plan

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