Advanced Placement English Language and Composition Innovation   (#1001425)

Version for Academic Year:
The course was/will be terminated at the end of School Year 2022 - 2023

Course Standards

General Course Information and Notes

General Notes

The course description for this Advanced Placement course is located on the College Board website at

This course is a CAPE Innovation course under Sections 1003.4203 and 1008.44, Florida Statutes.  In addition to the Advanced Placement content and examinations, this course includes career performance expectations, specifically, the attainment of the Microsoft Office Specialist for Word (2013 version or higher) certification.

General Information

Course Number: 1001425
Abbreviated Title: AP ENG COMPO INNOV
Number of Credits: One (1) credit
Course Length: Year (Y)
Course Attributes:
  • Advanced Placement (AP)
Course Type: Core Academic Course
Course Level: 3
Course Status: Terminated
Grade Level(s): 9,10,11,12
Graduation Requirement: English

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