Resiliency Toolkit

This toolkit was assembled by the Florida Department of Education to assist teachers in the development of more resilient and healthy students. Teachers utilizing the instructional resources included in this toolkit will empower Florida’s students as they develop resilience and character education skills to adapt to a variety of situations. These lessons can also assist with instruction in health education topics included in required instruction.

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Resiliency Education Standards

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Building Resiliency

Resiliency Characteristics

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Gathering information to think through and determine the best choice. Coming to a solution by working together.

Inferring Informational Text – Bridges (Grade 5)
All “Tired” Up (Grade 6)
For Students by Students (Grades 6-7)
Evaluating Claims About Cancer (Grades 9-12)
Uncle Henry’s Dilemma (Grades 6-8)
The Towers of Hanoi (Grades 9-12)



Using good judgement, self-control,
and owning my actions.



Mentorship & Volunteerism

Giving or asking for support, guidance, training,
or expertise.

Student Tutorial: Finding Civic Solutions (Grades 6-8)



Being thankful and sharing it with others.




Telling the truth.




Continuing to try even when things are hard.



Responsible Decision Making

Thinking about all options and outcomes,
then making the best choice.




Understanding how and why I think and act,
including my impact on others.




Governing how I think and act,
including my impact on others.