Standard 2 : Knowledge of Language (Archived)

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General Information

Number: LAFS.8.L.2
Title: Knowledge of Language
Type: Cluster
Subject: English Language Arts - Archived
Grade: 8
Strand: Language Standards

Related Standards

This cluster includes the following benchmarks
Code Description
LAFS.8.L.2.3: Use knowledge of language and its conventions when writing, speaking, reading, or listening.
  1. Use verbs in the active and passive voice and in the conditional and subjunctive mood to achieve particular effects (e.g., emphasizing the actor or the action; expressing uncertainty or describing a state contrary to fact).

Related Access Points

This cluster includes the following access points.

Access Points

Access Point Number Access Point Title
LAFS.8.L.2.AP.3a: Use active and passive voice in writing to achieve a particular effect.
LAFS.8.L.2.AP.3b: Use verbs in the conditional and subjunctive mood to achieve a particular effect.

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Lesson Plan

Name Description
Fast Food Frenzy:

In this activity, students will engage critically with nutritional information and macronutrient content of several fast food meals. This is an MEA that requires students to build on prior knowledge of nutrition and working with percentages.

Model Eliciting Activities, MEAs, are open-ended, interdisciplinary problem-solving activities that are meant to reveal students’ thinking about the concepts embedded in realistic situations. Click here to learn more about MEAs and how they can transform your classroom.