Cambridge AICE Classical Studies 2 A Level (#0900505) 

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General Course Information and Notes


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General Information

Course Number: 0900505 Course Path: Section: Grades PreK to 12 Education Courses > Grade Group: Grades 9 to 12 and Adult Education Courses > Subject: Humanities > SubSubject: General >
Abbreviated Title: AICE CL STDS 2 AL
Number of Credits: One (1) credit
Course Attributes:
  • Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE)
Course Type: Elective Course Course Level: 3
Course Status: Course Approved
Grade Level(s): 9,10,11,12

Educator Certifications

Humanities (Elementary and Secondary Grades K-12)
English (Grades 6-12)
Drama (Grades 6-12)
Art Education (Secondary Grades 7-12)
Music (Elementary and Secondary Grades K-12)
Art (Elementary and Secondary Grades K-12)
Social Science (Grades 6-12)