Access Point #: LAFS.8.RI.3.AP.9a (Archived Access Point)

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Analyze a case in which two or more texts provide conflicting information on the same topic.


Essential Understandings

  • Identify two texts on the same topic by different authors.
  • Locate important information within a text related to a provided topic.
  • Identify statements from the texts that conflict on the same topic.
  • Distinguish and/or list identified statements as fact or interpretation.

Number: LAFS.8.RI.3.AP.9a Category: Access Points
Date Adopted or Revised: 06/14 Cluster: Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

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LAFS.8.RI.3.9: Analyze a case in which two or more texts provide conflicting information on the same topic and identify where the texts disagree on matters of fact or interpretation.

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