Access Point #: HE.8.C.1.In.b

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Describe the interrelationship between healthy behaviors and the dimensions of health (physical, mental/emotional, social, and intellectual), such as physical and social dimensions—hygiene and social relationships; intellectual, social, and physical dimensions—sexual abstinence and avoidance of disease and pregnancy; and intellectual and social dimensions—peer refusals in risky situations and social relationships.
Number: HE.8.C.1.In.b Category: Independent
Standard: Core Concepts - Comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention to enhance health.

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HE.8.C.1.2: Analyze the interrelationship between healthy/unhealthy behaviors and the dimensions of health: physical, mental/emotional, social, and intellectual.
Sleep/studying for tests, road rage/vehicular crashes, bullying/depression, and healthy relationships/emotional health.

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